Eligibility Review

The Eligibility Review is the first step in the application process. By completing the form below, we are better able to assess your organization's request. If you have any questions about the screening process, please call the Foundation office at 406-523-1300.

1) Is your organization a nonprofit entity with tax exempt status not a private foundation under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code, and where appropriate, under Section 170 (c)?
2) Does your request fall under the category of Education, Health & Human Services, Community Service, or Arts & Culture?
3) Is your request for an individual person or family?
4) Is your request for sponsorship of a fundraising event, tickets, advertising auction or dinner?
5) Is your request for a general endowment fund or private foundation?
6) Is your request for non-religious purposes?
7) Is your request for non-political purposes?
8) Is your request to fund a loan, debt retirement or operational deficit?
9) Is your request for operating costs or curriculum expansion of an educational institution?
10) Is your request part of a capital or construction campaign, purchase of equipment or equipment upgrades?
Capital construction and equipment projects are rarely funded.
11) Is your request for travel expenses?